BMSB Season is still upon us!

//BMSB Season is still upon us!

BMSB Season is still upon us!

Just a quick reminder that BMSB season is still in full swing.

The season began last year in September, and measures will still apply to goods exported from listed target risk countries up until 30 April, 2021. It is important that we enforce all measures to goods that will arrive in Australian territory by 31 May, 2021 to ensure all risks are eliminated.

The brown marmorated stink bug poses a serious threat to Australia as it has a wide host range which allows it to cause significant damage to vegetable crops and other plant life. The BMSB often uses cargo containers and freight vessels to transport itself overseas where it then has the ability to rapidly spread into new territories. Therefore, it is vital for all importers to follow the seasonal measures to ensure all cargo that poses a threat is treated and the BMSB does not enter Australia.

If you do happen to notice any bugs it is important to keep them contained. If found in a container, it is vital that you do not remove the contents of the container, and that you instead shut the doors and leave the container in place. If found in any other place, take action by collecting any specimens (live or dead) and keeping them in a secure container where they can’t escape. You must then contact the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) who will analyse the bugs and take the appropriate measures to eradicate them.

You can call their hotline on 1800 798 636 or report your findings online at:

To see the full list of target risk countries go to:

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