Sailing Schedule | Week 8

//Sailing Schedule | Week 8

Sailing Schedule | Week 8

Peters and May Part Charter Sailings



·         Eastbound


TE1801 Industrial Strength nominated

Calling Fort Lauderdale ETA 24/02, Falmouth ETA 12/03


TE1802A – Laycan: 01st – 15th March

Calling Fort Lauderdale, Tortola, Palma, Genoa, Marmaris


TE1802B – Laycan: 15st – 30th March

Calling Fort Lauderdale, Tortola, Split


TE1803 – Laycan: 01st – 15th April

Calling Fort Lauderdale, St Thomas, Antigua, Palma, Genoa, Preveza


TE1804 – Laycan: 05th – 20th May (subject to inducement)

Calling Antigua, Newport RI


TE1805 – Laycan: 01st – 15th May

Calling Fort Lauderdale, Antigua, Palma, Genoa


TE1806 – Laycan: 01st – 15th May

Calling Fort Lauderdale, Antigua, Southampton


TE1807 – Laycan: 10th – 20th June (subject to inducement)

Calling Newport RI, Bermuda, Palma, Genoa


TE1808 – Laycan: 20th July – 05th August

Calling Newport RI, Olbia


·         Westbound


TW1804 Laycan: 15th – 30th August

Calling La Rochelle, Southampton (subject to inducement), Baltimore


TW1805 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show – Laycan in Genoa: 20th – 30th September

Calling Olbia (subject to inducement), Genoa, Palma, Fort Lauderdale


TW1806 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show –Laycan: 30th September – 7th October

Calling Genoa, Palma, Fort Lauderdale


TW1807 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show –Laycan: 25th September -5th October

Calling Southampton, Tortola (subject to inducement), Fort Lauderdale


TW1808 Laycan: 01st – 15th October (subject to inducement)

Calling Genoa, Palma, Newport RI




SE1801 – Laycan:  1st – 15 th March (subject to inducement)

Calling Southampton, Genoa, Lavrion, Hong Kong


SE1802 – Laycan: 20th March – 30th March

Calling Istanbul, Lyttelton NZ     


SE1803 – Laycan: 15th – 30th March 2018

Calling Zeebrugge Belgium, Sharjah (subject to inducement), Karachi Pakistan


SW1802 – Laycan: 5th April – 20th April

Calling Phuket, Sharjah, Fethiye, Genoa




Southbound 1802B – Laycan: 20th February – 05th March

Calling Antwerp, Bremen, Southampton, Gibraltar, Palma, Nice, Split, Lavrion, Fethiye, Istanbul


Northbound 1803 – Laycan: 05th – 25nd March

Calling Istanbul, Fethiye, Lavrion, Split, Valletta, Nice, Palma, Southampton, Antwerp, Kiel


There are more voyages available here.

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