Suez Canal Situation Update

//Suez Canal Situation Update

Suez Canal Situation Update

As you may be aware, a container vessel became lodged in the Suez Canal recently. Fortunately operations to unground the EVER GIVEN were successful. A team of tugboats freed the vessel and led it to the Bitter Lakes area where it will remain until investigations are completed.

During the six-day blockage some Carriers diverted their ships on an alternative route via the Cape of Good Hope, which extended their normal transit time by 10-14 days.

However, Canal authorities have since arranged shipping convoys to clear the 400 ships that were backlogged at each end of the canal.

It is suspected that a dust storm, where winds reached 30 knots, caused the ship to go off course, leading to the mishap.

The chairman of the Suez Canal Authority has estimated losses and damages from the blockage to be around US$1 billion.

For further information you can refer to this weblink from Maersk, one of the world’s largest shipping lines, who had three vessels stuck in the Canal and several more at anchor during the blockage.


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