Ways to ship your boat : Roll on / Roll off

//Ways to ship your boat : Roll on / Roll off

Ways to ship your boat : Roll on / Roll off

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Did you know there are various ways to transport your yacht from one country to another?

As an independent transport company, Aurora has the flexibility to book with various carriers depending on your individual requirements. Cargo ships are designed in different ways but share the common principal of moving your goods from A to B. One way we can ship your boat is via a Roll on / Roll off carrier, commonly known as a Car Carrier.

As the name suggests, your boat is rolled onto the ship via a stern ramp. This mode of transport is low-risk and ideal for trailer boats or boats with an overall height no larger than 4 metres (including antennae, towers and bimini tops). The height of your boat is an important factor for this type of vessel as it determines whether it can fit through the ships door (average 5m). If it can’t then we have several other ways of transporting your boat. Every vessel is different and door heights do vary depending on the size of the ship.

Inside a roro ship it works like a multi-level car park, with ramps and connecting decks. If your boat is already on a trailer it will be towed directly on to the ship, assigned a specific bay and lashed securely to the ground for transit. If your boat however doesn’t have a trailer but is lower than 4m (including antennae, towers and bimini tops) then we can transport it using special shipping equipment called a ‘mafi trailer’. These mafi trailers are flatbed containers with wheels, designed specifically to move heavy static cargo. Just like a custom trailer Aurora can build  a shipping cradle specific to your boat; both are then lifted as one unit on to the flatbed. The mafi is towed onto the ship and lashed securely to the deck for transit.

Roll On / Roll Off carriers are fully enclosed ships, meaning your cargo is not exposed to weather whilst inside the ship. However as most boat owners know, weather conditions can be unpredictable and it’s important that cargo is securely sea fastened. The shipping line employs certified surveyors which review all cargo and ensure its safe for the onward journey.

If you’d like to know more or find out if this is the best solution for you, contact our friendly team.

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