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Are you looking for a custom-made solution for yacht transport?

Aurora Yacht Logistics is an Australian logistics company that has a global network of partners, who together, can offer custom-made solutions for yacht transport.

Given the season in Australia and a few major regattas scheduled for the coming weeks, there is a lot of hype centred around the sport and the teams that are at the top of the leaderboard. We are proud to highlight; the Aurora Yacht Logistics team are responsible for organising the transport for many of the leading racing yacht teams.

Regattas aside, there are a number of reasons why Aurora Yacht Logistics are a preferred provider of yacht transportation for vessels wanting to travel to and from Australia;

We provide customs clearance services for our clients

Whenever you’re transporting yachts, either under your own steam or utilising our services, you need to consider customs clearance. This is a service that we can easily handle on your behalf, having a skilled team who are well exposed to various regulations around the world, familiar with both customs procedures and quarantine formalities.

Our experience and quality customer service speaks for itself

With close to two decades of travelling across the globe, we have served various clients from numerous destinations, with many of them agreeing, through written testimonials, that our service offerings are the best in the industry.

We offer marine insurance cover for all the cargo we handle

Our marine insurance covers rail, sea and land transport; therefore you can always have peace of mind when you come to us. We are partnered with the best brands around the world, and this is why our yacht transport business continues to prosper every year. Request a free quote HERE.

We employ the best

For a company to be successful, the stakeholders must agree to work together. We recruit the best brains in Australia and across the globe to handle our client’s valued property. Therefore whenever you need a yacht transport service, you think of Aurora Yacht Logistics.

Racing teams have been our valued clients for years now. Whenever you are attending a regatta, think no further than Aurora Yacht Logistics for Yacht Transport.

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